Sony PS5 Review: Great Graphics, Super Fun Charm Make it the PlayStation 5

Feb 05, 2021 08:07 PM IST
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The Sony PlayStation 5 is a generational jump in gaming console performance, and it truly shows in the way it works. It is a delightful gaming console, with a funky and audacious design that reminds everyone how gaming is all about thinking out of the box. The non-boxy design is further heightened by the DualSense controller, which delivers crazy haptic feedback and elevates games to a whole new level. It is very engaging, and needs to be used to be believed. Finally, games perform super smooth on it, and can run constantly at 4K at 120fps. This means that every bit of the Sony PS5’s operations are not just smooth, but incredibly satisfying to experience. The PS5 is expensive, though, so you should wait it out and buy the Digital edition to save ₹10,000 in India. The standard PS5 costs ₹49,990.


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