Twitter Will Soon Let Content Creators to Charge for Exclusive Tweets, Newsletter via ‘Super Follows’

Twitter has announced two substantial changes that are primarily aimed at online media outlets and other professional content creators on the micro-blogging platform. The company has announced the launch of the Super Follows subscription service to allow creators to charge a fee for exclusive tweets and other content, on a monthly basis. Notably, followers subscribed to the programme will be entitled to deals and discounts, community access, and more. To further improve the Super Follows model, the micro-blogging platform is planning to launch a new Communities feature that will allow users to create, discover, and join micro-communities based on their interests – similar to a Facebook group.

The latest changes were announced at Twitter‘s Analyst Day keynote on February 25, where the company shared insights and strategies related to the platform. According to a screenshot, it appears that users will need to pay a monthly rent to the content creators or news outlets for exclusive items. The screenshot further highlights a user charging $5 (Rs 370) for content such as newsletter, exclusive content, deals and discounts, and community access. Additionally, subscribers will get a dedicated badge. It is; however, unclear how Twitter much cut will Twitter take out of this model.

Ultimately, it will be up to the users how they will utilise Twitter’s Super Follows feature though it brings the platform on the same page as its competitors like Facebook and Google that are exploring new ways to monetise their platforms. Twitter also announced a new Facebook Group-like feature dubbed Communities, where users can form ‘communities,’ based on their interests. Exclusive communities are also a part of Twitter’s Super Follow model to let creators offer specialised content. There’s no timeline yet for when either of these features will roll out. The micro-blogging website is yet to share more details.

Notably, Twitter’s latest report ‘Healthy Participation: Consumer Product Priorities notes that the company added 40 million daily active users in Q4 2020. The report adds that the company is also planning to launch Safety Mode to hide spammy or abusive tweets. There’s a Birdwatch feature in the pipeline to combat misinformation. It seemingly will allow users to add context to tweets that seem to offer misleading information in the form of notes at the bottom of the tweet.


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