Apple Plans to Put Periscope Lens on iPhones in 2023: Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple iPhone models for 2023 will come with a periscope telephoto lens, known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has said in a new research note. This, if true, will mean that Apple will go with the technology much after many Android brands used the camera technology on their smartphones. Apple hasn’t yet adapted the technology on the iPhone, although reports have previously suggested that the Cupertino-based giant is interested in bringing the new iPhone models with a periscope lens. A periscope lens substantially improves the zoom capabilities of a smartphone.

The new research note from Kuo was first obtained by MacRumours, who quoted the TF securities analyst as predicting Apple’s plans of putting a periscope camera on the iPhone. The analyst had earlier speculated an earlier timeline for Apple putting a periscope lens on its iPhone. In July 2020, Kuo had said that Apple may put a periscope lens on the iPhone in 2022. While an iPhone periscope lens is still something that is under speculation, Android manufacturers like Samsung, Oppo, and Huawei have been using periscope lens on their smartphones since a while to offer hybrid zoom. Samsung has even gone ahead and offered up to 100x Space Zoom technology on its Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Apart from predicting a periscope lens on the 2023 iPhone models, Kuo also said that this year’s iPhone series (presumably called iPhone 13) will use a new Face ID transmitter that will use plastic materials instead of glass. This is possible due to an improved coating technology that did not exist originally when Face ID was introduced in 2017. The high-end iPhone models this year, will also have an upgraded telephoto lens, Kuo said in his research note.

Further, for 2022 iPhone models, Kuo hinted that there could be improved rear cameras as well as a new “unibody lens design” for the selfie camera.

Kuo had last week said that the 2022 iPhone model could also finally ditch the notch in favour of a hole-punch front panel design.


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