Instagram Shares 79% Of Your Data With Third Parties; Signal, Netflix & Clubhouse Least Invasive

Safety-centric cloud storage platform pCloud has come up with a report on the most invasive apps for iOS users. The study is based on Apple’s privacy labels on the App Store, which categorises all the information that can be collected on users by apps into 14 categories, and how they are used. The sections that pCloud analysed are ‘Third Party Advertising’ and ‘Developer’s Advertising or Marketing.’ The report says that Instagram is the most invasive app as it shares 79 percent of your data including browsing history and personal information with third party apps. After Instagram, Facebook is the second-most invasive app, while apps like Signal, Netflix, and Clubhouse are the least inavsive as they do not share your data with third parties or use it for marketing at all. LinkedIn and Uber follow Instagram and Facebook in terms of selling your data to third parties, as both sell 50 percent of your data, according to the pCloud report.

The pCloud report said that when it comes to food, only three apps do not give anything away at all – Just Eat, GrubHub, and My McDonald’s, instead using your data for location tracking and their own marketing needs. The pCloud report indicates that social media apps are the worst offenders when it comes to collecting your data for their own marketing. It says that 80 percent of the apps use your data to market their own products in the app and beyond. pCloud came to this conclusion by analyzing how many of the possible 14 data categories each collects under Apple’s ‘Developer’s Advertising or Marketing’ section. Facebook and Instagram are again the worst offenders here as they use 86 percent of your personal data to market their own products, followed by Klarna and GrubHub, which use 64 percent of your data each, followed by Uber and Uber Eats, both use 57 percent of your personal data.

The pCloud report also revealed the safest to use and most private apps which include Netflix, Clubhouse, Signal, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, Shazam, Telegram, Etsy, BooHoo, Amtrak, Zoom, Shop, and IRS2Go as they do not share any data with third parties.


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