Zoom April Update Brings New Emojis, Vanishing Pen, Auto Shapes and More

The Zoom April update features list is here, offering a whole bunch of optimisations for users of its service. Among the whole list of updates, many are meant for enterprise users and include security updates that are a part of the usual changelog. The key feature updates that have come to Zoom this month include new emojis that users can use to react to an ongoing meeting, a vanishing annotation pen that can help users highlight points on a presentation without needing to erase the annotations repeated, an auto shapes optimisation that allows users to quickly scribble shapes and see them take the intended shape automatically.

The new emojis feature has been some time coming, and allows users to further add to emoting to what’s ongoing in a Zoom meeting. The vanishing pen annotation feature is particularly more useful, since it adds up to a great bit of convenience if you are screen sharing a presentation as part of a workshop or any other related session. Such an annotation pen makes sure that you can quickly highlight a point, and not be required to repeatedly delete the shape or the scribble that you make. The optimisation makes sure that you can continue with your presentation without breaking the flow.

Also part of the new updates list is the auto shapes feature, which allows users working on tablets and phones to scribble in a shape to highlight a point in a meeting, such as straight lines or circles to point out a part in a screen that has been shared. With the Whiteboard Auto-shapes feature, the Zoom app will ensure that the shape takes its intended shape automatically, thereby tidying up meetings a bit.

Other new features added to Zoom as part of the update include support for Zoom video conferencing calls on Facebook’s Portal TV, the ability to add a user’s manager in the enterprise network to a user profile within Zoom chat, an integration of the InformaCast software on Zoom Phone, and the usual list of bug fixes and patches. The full list of updates can be accessed on Zoom’s page, here.

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