Apple Glass Coming Soon? New Info Tips Mixed Reality Headset with Eye Tracking, 8K Visuals

Apple Glass has been a rumoured name for a very long time, and even though Apple CEO Tim Cook has previously admitted how the company sees augmented reality (AR) as a crucial field in future, no real glimpse of the rumoured mixed reality (MR) headset has really surfaced. All that is seemingly set to change now – with two considerably credible reports, from Bloomberg and Ming-Chi Kuo, claiming that Apple Glass can launch as early as the first half of 2022. In other words, the biggest new hardware launch from Apple may take place within the next calendar year, offering an insight into how Apple may look to diversify its offerings going forward.

Reports about the Apple MR headset have suggested that the device will clearly be a first generation product, and have plenty of room for changes in the future. In essence, it will offer a glimpse into Apple’s vision of making MR glasses look as close to standard eyewear, as possible. Until then, the Apple Glass MR headset that’s expected in 2022 looks set to be somewhat bulky – the Bloomberg report suggests that the headset will weigh as much as 200 grams. This will be up to 50 percent lesser than what the already present working Apple Glass prototype in the company’s research laboratories, but bulky nonetheless.

In terms of features, the Apple MR headset will apparently feature over a dozen cameras. According to Kuo, the headset would feature 15 cameras, including eight for AR visuals and juxtapositions, six for gesture and motion recognition as well as biometrics, and one camera that’s dedicated to environmental detection. Specialised Fresnel lenses aboard the headset will apparently bring eye tracking as a key feature here.

Other speculations include a $1,000 price tag, which is hardly unusual for Apple. More importantly, Apple’s launch schedule seems even more interesting – some reports have claimed that Apple may even unveil the product this year itself, followed by official availability and a commercial launch later. This would mean Apple introducing the hardware by the end of this year for developers, which would help the company build an ecosystem of actually usable applications prior to making it officially available. This would also be in line with how Apple typically approaches things – ensuring that a product has real use cases before they are presented to users.

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