YouTube Urges You to Take the Covid-19 Vaccine, With Glimpses of a Pandemic-Free World

YouTube has introduced a new series of public service announcements that promote Covid-19 vaccination efforts. Labelled ‘Because Everything’, the video PSA serves as a cathartic reminder of how life was prior to the Covid-19 pandemic – and what it can be again if a successful vaccination drive is undertaken. Announced through the company’s official blog by YouTube’s director and global head of healthcare, Garth Graham, the series is being debuted in USA, and will be subsequently rolled out in more countries where supplies of the vaccine exceed demand and public vaccination numbers.

“People have been cautious when it comes to protecting their health, the health of their loved ones, and the health of their communities amidst the pandemic. The next step in that caution is trusting the science and listening to the advice of health authorities about getting vaccinated so that we can continue to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities for the long term,” Graham writes on the YouTube blog post, which encloses a showreel of moments that would have otherwise been a seemingly random collection of everyday things – which we never reckoned would be of such great value one day.

The PSA series launches as India faces an ongoing second wave that has crippled critical sectors of healthcare sector and continues to take a heavy toll. As help arrives from international sectors, the Serum Institute of India finds itself with the onus of generating higher vaccine production rates. The government of India has also announced the opening up of younger age groups as being eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine – as the double mutant variant of the SARS-nCov-2 virus strain clearly has a bigger impact on younger age groups.

Earlier today, tech majors across the world spoke about the impact that the latest wave of Covid-19 has had on India, extending further help to aid the fight against the pandemic. Both Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella, the India-origin chiefs of tech giants Google and Microsoft, spoke about extending support to India’s efforts against the pandemic – along with a similar announcement coming from Apple chief, Tim Cook.

Pichai committed Rs 135 crore in donations to Give India and UNICEF for medical supplies, supporting relief organisations serving high-risk communities and more. Nadella committed to use its “voice, resources and technology” to help relief efforts and particularly in procurement of critical oxygen concentration devices. Cook, on behalf of Apple, also committed resources to help on-ground relief efforts against Covid-19 in India.

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