Amex Is The First Credit Card App To Adopt The Dark Mode For iPhone

It has been a long time since the Dark Mode really caught everyone’s fancy. To be precise, that would be as far back as 2019 when iOS 13 added the Dark Mode for the iPhone. You may have not noticed this till now, but chances are that your credit card app has probably still not adopted the Dark Mode. American Express, or Amex, has rolled out an app update for the iPhone that makes it perhaps the first credit card app made by an issuing bank, to adopt the Dark Mode. It is now rolling out for users in the US, and we expect the Indian version of the app to get the new option soon. It boggles the mind that even now, the visual option designed to reduce eye strain and eye fatigue, particularly in low light, is still not fully adopted by apps that are widely used.

The Amex app for US users will be version 6.41.0 and the release notes say, “We’ve been keeping you in the dark about our new dark mode – now you can select a light or dark theme based on your system’s appearance.” It has been often suspected that banking apps are incredibly slow with adopting new functionality and rolling out updates that may add new features, unless it is related directly to a banking option. At the time of writing this, our checks tell us that multiple credit card apps issued by banks do not have the option for a Dark Mode. We checked the HDFC Bank app, ICICI Bank app, Standard Chartered Mobile, OneCard (issued by IDFC First Bank), RBL MyCard app and Kotak Bank apps, for instance, and they still do not support this visual theme option that has been around for two years now. In fact, in India, a lot of mobile payment apps also do not support the Dark Mode, including Paytm, PhonePe and Google Pay. All this, to be fair, is quite perplexing. The one pleasant exception is Cred, the credit card payments app, which offers a visually appealing Dark Mode for the iPhone app.

In India, the Amex app allows credit card users to manage their card account, check spends and track unbilled expenses made, pay credit card bills, check spending power to see if purchases will be approved, get updates on rewards points and the ability to redeem them as well as the Amex Pay option that allows users to scan Bharat QR codes to make contactless digital payments at stores or to merchants. The update for the app should roll out eventually on the Apple App Store on your iPhone.

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