WhatsApp Chat Migration Tool That Syncs Chats Between Android & iOS Phones Now Starts Working in Beta

WhatsApp chat migration (Image: WABetaInfo)

WhatsApp chat migration (Image: WABetaInfo)

Now, the tool appears to be functioning on WhatsApp beta for Android though it still getting improvements.

WhatsApp has been testing the chat migration tool for a while, though the feature was said to be under development. Now, the tool appears to be functioning on WhatsApp beta for Android though it still getting improvements. According to the WhatsApp updates tracker, WABetaInfo, the chat history migration syncs two devices with the same account, meaning users can access the same chats and media files on two different devices simultaneously. It further suggests the chat migration could be the first step to activate WhatsApp’s multi-device feature if a user wants to use their account across two devices with different operating systems. The publication adds that synchronisation will mirror a users’ WhatsApp data and actions across the two devices. Pinned or starred messages will also be visible across both devices.

However, WABetaInfo also notes that actions like chat deletion won’t be synchronised (yet), meaning deleting a chat on a device won’t remove the same on another smartphone. The reasons for this remain unknown, but a possible explanation is that the chat migration feature is still under development. Moreover, the method used to migrate the chat history is unknown, but the Facebook-owned platform would likely use Google Drive to momentarily store files for further migration. Currently, Facebook-owned WhatsApp still has to confirm the feature and an official stable rollout date remains unclear. The feature would also land on WhatsApp for iOS.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is also testing a new feature to let users search for stickers easily. The tool will essentially analyse the first word typed in the chat bar and display stickers based on the text. It is somewhat similar to how the messaging app shows emojis based on the first text typed in the chat bar. However, it appears that displayed stickers will only be shown from the pack saved in the sticker library. It was also reported that the chat bar would comprise a new icon (represented by smiley emoji), which will only appear if the sticker description matches the typed text. Third-party stickers created from apps like Sticker Maker are not yet compatible, and the Facebook-owned platform is yet.

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