Spotify Will Now Let You Share Specific Part of Podcast with Timestamp Feature

Spotify has announced a new update that brings three features to help people share music and podcasts with others. The most notable upgrade is the ‘podcast timestamp sharing’ that essentially lets users share a particular point in a podcast that will directly redirect the user to the highlighted part. It means that receivers would not have to jump to point manually. The audio streaming giant is also updating its canvas sharing that currently works with Instagram. The Canvas feature turns static song/ album art into eight-second visual loops. The music streaming company is now extending the same feature to Snapchat with another option to preview.

Starting with the timestamp update, users can now share podcast episodes beginning at a particular moment — to highlight the part that the receiver would be more interested in checking out. Previously, users were only able to share the link to an entire episode. To share a timestamp, tap the ‘share’ button on Spotify iOS or Android while listening to the episode. Then use the ‘switch to share’ feature at the current playtime, and select where you want to share the content. Those on the receiving end need to tap the shared link to jump right in and start listening. As mentioned, Spotify Canvas is now available to use on Snapchat. To use the feature, click on more (represented by three horizontal dots) and select share on Instagram or Snapchat. The new preview option will let you visualise how it will look on your social channel. Spotify says that 40 percent of music discovery is attributed to social channels — meaning external platforms play a key role in discovering new music. The three new updates are aimed to make the discovery of new audio content better.

Recently, Spotify clocked over one billion downloads on Google Play Store – just two years after hitting the 500 million mark. The recent development also means that the app is the most downloaded music streaming app in the Android ecosystem.

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