Pok Pok Playroom Is A Gorgeous App That’ll Keep Your Kids Busy For Hours, And It Lands May 20

Your child’s time spent with the Apple iPad or the iPhone is about to get a lot more productive. Award winning app developer Snowman will be releasing their upcoming interactive play app for kids on May 20, and it is called Pok Pok Playroom. And you better have high hopes from the Pok Pok Playroom app, because this is also the developer behind incredibly popular games for the Apple platform, including Alto’s Adventure, Odyssey, Skate City and Where Cards Fall. In fact, Snowman has spun off a new Pok Pok creative studio that’ll look after the development of this app. The Pok Pok Playroom will be all about using educational toys for interactive play for kids in the age group of 2 to 6 years, with focus on curiosity, creativity and diversity.

Pok Pok creative studio has spent years developing this app, and they say that they’ve play tested this with kids all around the world to factor in every type of reaction and communication, including gestures and laughs. “Pok Pok Playroom is designed to fit in seamlessly with the other toys in a child’s playroom — one that they can pick up and explore at their own pace. Each toy in the Playroom is open-ended, meaning that there’s no right or wrong, no possibility to fail and that kids are completely in charge,” say the developers. The developers say that the handcrafted art and sounds keep the kids engaged in a peaceful and calming manner and these activities will help with cognitive development and socio-emotional skills.

Developers say they’ve been working with schools and educators to get the contents of the app just right. They also promise regular updates for the app that’ll add new toys to the digital playroom. At this time, all we know is that the Pok Pok Playroom app will be available with a free 2-week trial period, though the subscription costs aren’t announced as yet. I really cannot wait to get my 3-year young daughter started with this app once it releases on May 20. This digital toy concept, for this generation, will fit in well with their physical playroom spaces. The fact that the stories and tasks in the Pok Pok Playroom app are open ended means there isn’t the right answer that must be searched for—the kid can pretty much be in charge of how they want things to be. Can’t wait to download this for the little one.

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