Reliance Jio Deploys Additional Spectrum in Karnataka to Drastically Improve Customer Experience

Reliance Jio has announced that it has deployed additional spectrum in multiple connectivity bands across Karnataka, therefore significantly increasing available usage bandwidth and improving the overall customer experience. The leading telecom operator of India had previously announced during the latest round of spectrum auction by the central government regarding acquiring additional 5MHz spectrum in each of the 850MHz, 1800MHz and 2300MHz bands in Karnataka, and has now completed the deployment of these bands. The deployment has now been completed across all of the over 22,300 cell sites across Karnataka, which Jio leads in terms of the overall number.

The addition of the extra spectrum to all connectivity bands operational in Karnataka can significantly help the additional network usage that is happening as a result of the Covid-19 imposed lockdown restrictions in place. With more individuals working from home, and outdoor entertainment facilities also remaining shut, the improved service quality can majorly help individuals that are working from home, students and teachers attending and conducting classes, seminars and other sessions from home, and even businesses that are presently running all their services from home itself.

At the moment, Reliance Jio has over 2.1 crore subscribers in Karnataka, and looks set to add more customers to its network. The largest telecom operator of India now has plans to expand its 4G network by 28 percent by the end of 2021, in a bid to support the growth of subscribers in its truly 4G network. On a national scale, Jio acquired a total of 488.35MHz additional spectrum across all three bands, applicable across all 22 circles of connectivity. The acquisition will be leased to Jio for a period of 20 years, and came at a cost of Rs 57,123 crore to the leading operator. This helped Jio account for a 55 percent increase in its total holding spectrum, which is being enjoyed by over 426 million subscribers under the network’s umbrella.

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